Non​-​canon Love

by Kazaki



Just a random song / story about, "what if this certain OTP/ship in a manga can't get their love story canon because the author is preventing it due to personal reasons?", or something like that.

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*Non-canon love is all we'll ever be
Reaching out my hand, please set us free
Stuck in this fantasy world without developments
It's really tiresome remaining as friends

Every chapter we're together, time passes by
Adventures and misunderstandings and feelings that fly
Why can't our author decide
To make our love alive?

Repeat *

Non-canon love...

I don't know how to live my life again
So I erased romance
He left me all alone and now you know why
But you deserve another chance!
Make our love canon for real
And you will realize that you can still feel
The love and pain of losing him
Don't give up, our author!

Don't give up...

Now, canon love is what we've become
Now we're selling out, we've reached this far
She got back her guy through the story she wrote
About our love that once was non-canon love...


released July 15, 2014
Music, Lyrics, Arrangement, Vocals, Recording, Story, Art, Music Video: Kristel "Kazaki" Cuadra



all rights reserved


Kazaki Pagbilao, Philippines

Indie musician, graphic artist, blogger, writer, imaginative weirdo.

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